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Oahu North Shore Tours

Experience the Best of the Island – Oahu North Shore Tours

Oahu rock jumping

With so much to see around and so many choices when you reach the north shores of the Hawaiian Islands, it can get quite confusing as to where you would like to spend your time this season. When you do opt for the Oahu North Shore Tour, there is, as many travel magazines put it, a varied range of places which are unique in their own natural and human history to gaze and check out. Allow me in this write-up to help you make the right decision when you know that this vacation is meant to be a memorable one for you and your loved ones. Historically speaking the North Shore has always been known to travelers as the capital when it comes to water sports and surfing, especially during the winters when the waves are gigantic and spectacular , indeed the reason as to why the Banzai Pipeline along with the famous Waimea Bay has won the popularity votes of being called the surfers paradise.

When you do have a chance to engage yourself in the Oahu North Shore Tour festivals on surfing, you would be witnessing tournaments that challenge the most magnificent waves ever to be seen in any corners of the world. Most of the challenges center around a small town called Haleiwa, where there is a lifestyle that beams with latest shopping trends and for those on the look out for the best gear to surf with. The best part is when you come to shop through an organized Oahu North Shore Tour you would be presented with the best and genuine stuff that is found in all of Hawaii. So now you know that your money spent is worth the ride.

Places of interests while you are on one of the Oahu North Shore Tours would be “The Sunset Beach” which is famous for huge cresting waves up to thirty feet or more and where the “Triple Crown Events” is largely organized. Next stop would be the “Ehukai Beach Park” also known popularly as the Banzai Pipeline, offering you daring wave heights only to be mastered by the experts during the winters and for underwater bounty it gives you the shallow reef on display with an amazing life form beneath.

The Oahu North Shore Tour trip would also take you to the Pupukea Beach Park, which marine life enthusiasts would love to go visit and the Pu’u’o Mahuka Heiau, which through records shown has been a sanctum dedicated to sacrificing humans, that does not happen anymore, however relics of the same can be found by the stand alone ancient temple which was a witness to many human sacrificing rituals in the heydays gone by. Lastly, do not forget to pay a visit to nature’s lovely gift, which comes to you in the form of waterfalls at the Waimea Valley and the Waimea Falls Park, which has on offer the widest range in flora and fauna from almost every corner on the planet. You could also play old games as the Hawaiian natives would and enjoy the traditional “Hula Kahiko” by the tribals around who welcome you with friendly gestures. With so much to witness and enjoy when you get on with Oahu North Shore Tour packages, one can only wait for the next season to arrive to make up for the places not yet visited. So happy vacations and enjoy your travails this time around with loads of memories captured to bring back home.

About Us

The Surf Bus takes guests from Waikiki to the North Shore to spend the day and do activities, visit Haleiwa town, get close to Hawaiian green sea turtles, and simply cruise on the best beaches on the island of Oahu! Locally owned and operated, directly from the North Shore of Oahu, The Surf Bus is the ORIGINAL NORTH SHORE BEACH BUS TOUR!