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Oahu Kayak Tours

Enjoying the Amazing Oahu Kayak Tours

Oahu rock jumping

The largest Hawaiian Island, Oahu, is renowned for the most exciting and enthralling kayaking tours that it offers to umpteen travelers and tourists all over the world. Kayak tour is exciting in itself; but when it comes to Oahu Kayak Tours, the experience becomes all the more momentous and thrilling.

Areas like Lani Kai, Kaneohe, and Kailua situated in Oahu’s eastern shoreline offer the most interesting Oahu Kayak Tours and experiences, although the North Shore, too, is not completely devoid of kayaking.

A thirty-minute drive from Waikiki through fascinating tunnels takes you to the eastern coastline of Oahu. The magnificent coral structures and the colorful aquatic life together render a touch of exquisiteness to the Oahu Kayak Tours.

Lying a mile off the Kailua shore on the windward side of Oahu, the Mokulua Island is petite and picturesque. Apart from lacking human habitation, the island is characterized by an aquatic bird reserve which is safeguarded by the government. Kayaking into this island is blissful. It takes you to an out-of-the-world ambiance and gives you the feeling of overwhelming ecstasy. The generous spread of immaculate white sand along the shore takes your mind off the worldly joys and embarks you on a lifetime experience of kayaking! The Oahu Kayak Tour to Mokulua is short but vastly memorable.

Oahu’s Kailua Bay spangles with magnificent coral configurations and a vivid marine life which make kayaking in this area significant and unique. The attractive gigantic corals beckon you to kayak right over those through the shallow crystal clear water. The copious natural arrangement of corals and shallow water combine to form an eye-catching hue that identifies the marine region from the rest. Here the color of the water is emerald green, in comparison to the blue waters of the Waikiki shores.

An exclusive touch to Oahu Kayak Tour is rendered by the snorkeling experience. Gliding on top of the coral reefs adds more joy to kayaking. Here snorkeling is safe for bathers and kids of all ages. The splendid view of the corals will leave you stunned as you snorkel while kayaking.

Along with these, you should consider the following as well while you plan a kayaking experience in Oahu. Be assured that no prior experience in kayaking is required to embark on this venture. Oahu Kayak Tour is simple and friendly to a fresher of any age. You could even come across an Oahu Kayak Tour company which highlights on the eco tour facet of the trip. In order to survive in the competitive market, some of these companies even privilege you by offering pick-up facility from your hotel in Waikiki or Honolulu.

Adhering to some basic tips can make your kayaking experience in Oahu more enjoyable. You must not overlook the experience of seeing through the crystal clear shallow waters of the Mokulua Islands and enjoy watching the exotic waterbed. While you paddle your kayak, you enter into a new world of beauty and magnificence without much toil as the distance from one island to another is meager. Never hesitate to go far to surf on the shores off the Mokulua Islands, provided your kayak guide permits you.

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